Jasper’s House Day Treatment


For children & adolescents with mental health and/or
substance abuse treatment needs

What is it? Jasper’s House Day Treatment is a licensed structured day program operated by ARJ, for children and/or adolescents and their families, which build on strengths, as well as addressing the family’s needs.

Who is it designed for? Jasper’s House is designed to serve children/adolescents who, as a result of their mental health and/or substance abuse treatment needs, are unable to benefit from participation in academic or vocational services at a developmentally appropriate level in a traditional school or work setting.

How is it done? Jasper’s House works with the child/adolescent’s home school to tailor therapeutic interventions specific to each individual student.
Jasper’s House provides clinical interventions related to both mental health and/or substance abuse in the context of a therapeutic treatment environment. These interventions are designed to reduce symptoms, improve behavioral functioning, increase the child/adolescent’s ability to cope with and relate to others, promote recovery, and enhance the child/adolescent’s capacity to function in an educational setting, or to be maintained in community based services.
Jasper’s House will ensure the treatment for each child/adolescent is developmentally appropriate, is culturally relevant and sensitive, and is family centered.
The day is split between educational activities that are credited toward Charlotte Mecklenburg School educational requirements for promotion, and focus on appropriate ways to manage the child/adolescents behavioral and emotional difficulties.

jaspers-house-kidWho provides services? Jasper’s House Day program is executed by Licensed Professionals, Qualified Mental Health Professionals, along with staff who are Certified K-12 Teachers by the State of North Carolina.

How long does it last? Participants are evaluated every 30 days to identify need for continued services or need to identify a different level of therapeutic intervention.

Classes are Monday to Friday, starting at 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.
Also available during the summer when traditional school is not in session
(hours of operation are the same).

Transportation: provided by Jasper’s House.
Classes held at: 1100 South Mint St., Charlotte, NC

Call: 980.819.5692

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